New to the Consortium

Since August 1, 2017, we have welcomed thirty-four new members to the Consortium from Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific Rim, North America, and Europe. Click on the links below to explore these programs, centers, and projects in the Consortium directory.

A/C/T: arts/criticality/theory – University of British Columbia, Vancouver

boundary 2 – University of Pittsburgh

Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics – University of Brighton

Centre for Contemporary Theory, Forum on Contemporary Theory, India

Centre for Cultural Studies – The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Centre for Cultural Studies Research – University of East London

Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture  Concordia University

Comparative Ethnic Studies – University of Colorado Boulder

Consortium for Black Studies in California – University of California, Irvine

Corso di Perfezionamento in Teoria Critica – University of Florence

Critical Nationalisms and Counterpublics – University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Critical Psychology Network – Canada

Culture, Power and Politics – Public Seminar Series

Cultural, Social, and Political Thought – University of Victoria

Department of Gender, Cultural, and Policy Studies – Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities, Skopje

The Global South – University of Mississippi

Global Theories of Critique – University of Michigan

Historical, Theoretical, and Critical Studies of Psychology – York University

Instituto de Estudios Sociales Contempoáneos (IESCO) – Universidad Central, Colombia

Kent Summer School in Critical Theory – University of Kent

Kritika Kultura – Ateneo de Manila University

Laboratório de Direitos Humanos – Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro

M.A. in Critical Theory  – University of Kent

M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Cultural Studies – The Chinese University of Hong Kong

NEXOS: Critical Theory and Interdisciplinary Research

New Formations

Polemics – University of Brighton

Política Común – University of Michigan

PoliTeSse  – Politics and Theories of Sexuality  University of Verona

Politics, Ethics, Aesthetics – Bard College at Simon’s Rock

positions: asia critique – Duke University Press

Postmodern Culture  Johns Hopkins University Press

Programme International de Recherche en Théorie Critique – Université de Caen Normandie

Psychology’s Feminist Voices Oral History and Digital Archive Project – York University

Studio in Materialist and Decolonial Politics and Aesthetics – Hic Rosa Collective