The Consortium’s workshop series focuses on experimental artistic and intellectual practices that engage the pressing issues of our times. The aim of the workshops is to explore, map, and connect these practices and articulate critical vocabularies for the present and future.

The series convenes sustained and focused conversations on four themes: collective and personal debt, and care; political defeat and practices of persistence; camps, borders, and the ethics and politics of hospitality; the environment, ecological politics, and the mutiplicity of forms of life. By exploring and connecting forms of knowledge that are rooted in historically changing realities of devastation, destruction, geopolitical inequality, and exploitation, these conversations will connect creative, critical, and open-ended vocabularies in order to articulate, through a grounded or situated approach, pathways through the impasses of our times.

The series includes four cross-regional workshops over four years, each in a different geographic location with a small group of participants. Participants analyze the chosen themes through a multiplicity of perspectives and produce shared and heterogeneous concepts. To facilitate a set of tiered conversations across regions, additional local workshops are held with artists and scholars from a single country to lay the groundwork in preparation for the cross-regional meetings.