The 2023 ICCTP Conference | Theorizing Global Authoritarianism: To Reclaim Critical Theory Against the Grain

Bex Sussman Calls for Papers

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What characteristics are shared by the rising authoritarianism around the world, even though each nation’s political context is unique? What factors contribute to the growth of authoritarianism on a global scale? Does the ascendance of reactionary beliefs and movements constitute a danger to democratic institutions and local communities on a continental or global scale? The reach of these phenomena is not confined to a particular nation or state but can now be observed in every region of the world. In the meantime, most assessments continue to be rooted in geopolitical approaches to the Global North, which fail to see beyond the confines of nationalism and the nation-state. In response to this constraint on political theorizing, the purpose of this conference is to conceptualize the idea of global authoritarianism by focusing on how it is coupled with post-colonial modernization and the growth of global capitalism.

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Duke Literature Program Assistant or Associate Professor Positions in Theory, Broadly Conceived

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The Program in Literature at Duke University invites applications for two Assistant or Associate professor positions in Theory, broadly conceived. We seek colleagues whose work explicitly reconceptualizes the critical value of theory today by rethinking the foundations of theoretical inquiry and by forging connections among some of the fields of modern thought that orient our research and teaching: literary and cultural studies, philosophy, political theory, decoloniality and post-colonial theory, film and media studies, gender and sexuality studies, critical race and ethnic studies, psychoanalytic theory, the environmental humanities, and science studies. Priority for one position will be given to scholars working …

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Unlivable Time: Understanding and Resisting Neoliberal Temporalities

bgeorge Calls for Papers

Interdisciplinary Conference at the Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics (CAPPE), University of Brighton, UK March 8, 9, and 10, 2023 Keynote Speakers:   Hartmut Rosa and Eva von Redecker Call for Papers Our contemporary world is paradoxical insofar as, citing Hartmut Rosa, “the more time we save, the less we have.” No matter how fast we rush from one activity to the next, regardless of the refined logistics and the myriad technological innovations that now make our work more productive, we still find ourselves in temporal scarcity. The problem of time-scarcity is one of overload, of combined pressures, and …

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Politics of Translation: Translation, Nation, and Gender – Online Colloquium

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September 1-2, 2022 Palace Moise, Cres (Croatia) UNIRI CAS SEE & IFDT Full Schedule Zoom link: Meeting ID: 899 3568 8735 Passcode: 357666 Translation is political because it is a relation, a context of negotiating power. It also dictates an epistemological approach, inviting a complex analysis of gender, class, race, or national and other hierarchies’ relations and intersection. It is the opportunity for transformation, for becoming other (devenir autre, Deleuze and Guattari), although the political quality of that devenir is never guaranteed. As the occasion for a metamorphosis, translation is what Étienne Balibar now, since the conservative revolution that shattered …

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CFP: Phenomenology and Critique

bgeorge Calls for Papers

Loyola University-Marquette University Phenomenology Conference Submission deadline: May 15, 2022 Conference date(s): November 4, 2022 – November 6, 2022 Conference Venue Loyola University Chicago Chicago, United States Topic areas Continental Philosophy Details Phenomenology offers specific methods that disclose transcendental structures of experience which, in our everyday experience, are overlooked and presupposed. As such, it is understood to be a critical enterprise. Yet in recent years, there has been a ‘critical turn’ in phenomenology: phenomenology is also increasingly understood as a form of social critique capable of engaging, analyzing, and illuminating contemporary socio-political phenomena. Proponents of this critical turn emphasize that, …

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The Summer School in Global Studies and Critical Theory

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The Academy of Global Humanities and Critical Theory announces the 2022 Edition of the The Summer School in Global Studies and Critical Theory in Bologna, Italy, from June 27 – July 8, 2022, on the theme of “The Sea.” Description  The sea has played a powerful role in the very constitution of global modernity. Multiple vectors of colonial expansion and forced labor transportation have striated the Oceans since the conquest of the Americas and the Middle Passage. Empires were built at sea, with profound implications for state building on land. In many respects, global capitalism is a seaborne phenomenon. At the …

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Call for Fellowship Applications – The Humanities and Social Change Center, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

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The Humanities and Social Change Center (HSC Center) at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin is inviting applications for fellowships for the academic year 2022/23, beginning October 1st, 2022 and ending July 31st, 2023. The HSC Center is devoted to examining the crisis-prone relationship between capitalism and democracy. Our research focus for the upcoming academic year is “Theoretical Perspectives on Social Transformation”. We aim at an understanding of how crises drive transformation processes, the role of social actors in such processes and, last but not least, the conceptual tools such actors have at their hands for thinking radical change. Proposals that deal …

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¡No son 30 pesos, son 30 años! Social Movements in Latin America

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Wed 11/17, 12 pm Pacific Time
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The opening conversation of a new series will examine the recent history and present urgency of protests and social movements in Latin America, with Francia Márquez, Verónica Gago, and Lucía Cavallero in conversation with Tianna Paschel and Elena Schneider.
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The event will be in Spanish with simultaneous interpretation into English.

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Hopkins Humanities Collaboratory Faculty Outreach Program

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Apply now through February 15, 2022
Program dates: June 1–August 6, 2022

Download the program flyer here


The Humanities Collaboratory Faculty Outreach Program is for visiting faculty and/or director-level staff from any colleges and universities nationally. Each faculty/staff member can submit an application where they will nominate one graduate student from their institution to travel with them to Johns Hopkins for this residential and fully immersed training program. Your two-person team will gain hands-on training in the new pedagogical model for humanities summer research, observe the Humanities Collaboratory, participate in webinars and info sessions both pre- and post-program, and have hands-on support from post-Collaboratory mentoring to program design as you launch similar programs at your institutions.

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CPCT Research Seminar 2021-22: What is Global Critical Theory?

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Time: Wednesdays, 4:00-6:00 pm (BST)
Venue: Online
[Zoom registration link:]

Autumn: 13, 27 October; 10, 24 November; 8 December 2021
Spring: 26 January; 9, 23 February; 9, 23 March 2022
Summer: 27 April; 11, 25 May; 8 June 2022

CPCT’s annual research seminar meets on a bi-weekly basis and is open to centre members, graduate affiliates, and other interested staff and students. It aims to serve as a forum for philosophical work and dialogue at Goldsmiths.

… This seminar seeks to begin to pose the problem of a ‘global critical theory’ by undertaking a series of soundings of conceptual debates emerging in different locales and conjunctures that foreground the non-Western genesis of crucial problems of contemporary critical theory, as well as the situated problematisation of the forms of historical difference and unevenness that mark the travels of critical theory…

For a detailed session plan including further readings and links to texts, please visit

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