Neoliberalismo, elecciones en EEUU, fuerzas antidemocráticas y revueltas sociales

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Conversas Latino-Americanas 12 Nov. 20:00 (3 pm PST) Ciclo debates feministas Neoliberalismo, elecciones en EEUU, fuerzas anti-democráticas y revueltas sociales Wendy Brown, Filósofa y politóloga, University of California, Berkeley. Conversa con Verónica Gago. El Inst. Eqüit, junto a la Red de Género y Comercio, el GIIF – Grupo de Intervención Investigación Feminista – y con el apoyo del Fondo de Mujeres del Sur, lxs invita a participar del Ciclo de debates feministas Conversas Latino-americanas.

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Debt and Property Violence Workshop

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Organizers: Verónica Gago and Luci Cavallero (GIIF-UBA) in collaboration with the International Consortium of Critical Theory Programs (ICCTP) August 20, 2020 4:00 pm, Buenos Aires  Organized by GIIF (Grupo de Investigación e Intervención Feminista, Feminist Investigation and Intervention Group, at the University of Buenos Aires) in collaboration with the ICCTP, this is the first workshop in the ICCTP’s series on “Debt, Vulnerability, and Forms of Care.” The workshop focuses on the relationship between debt and social reproduction along three main lines of inquiry. The first concerns access to housing, which has become a key terrain for the production of debt …

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Call for Papers—On Strikes and Critical Theory

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Abstracts (400 words) are due on October 15, 2020, and those invited to submit full papers for peer review will have a May 1, 2021 deadline for paper submission. Articles should be approximately 10,000 words, including notes; shorter contributions should be 2,000-5,000 words, including notes. Inquiries and submissions should be sent to Susana Draper or Samera Esmeir at — Modern labor strikes became a strategy of the working class with the onset of the industrial revolution, and they have been deployed since to both revolutionary and reformist ends. But much has changed in the practice of strikes since the period of their modern intertwinement …

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[ConTactos] Verónica Gago, There Is No Fire Without Air / Sin aire no hay fuego / Sem ar não há fogo

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New from [ConTactos] In “There Is No Fire Without Air,” Verónica Gago maps transnational transfeminist struggles across the globe as they come into contact, creating lasting reverberations that not only make visible a shared political memory, but also prepare us to act together despite our current pandemic circumstances. Read the full article here. “There Is No Fire Without Air” is the eleventh installment of [ConTactos], an ongoing series of critical reflections on our pandemic times. [ConTactos] As communities across the world succumb to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are placed in an exasperating bind between our desire to intervene, to do something in the …

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HemiPress: [ConTactos] — New series/Nueva serie/Nova série

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[ConTactos] — New series With the trilingual publication of Vladimir Safatle’s “Welcome to the Suicide State,” translated into English by André Lepecki, HemiPress announces the launch of its new series [ConTactos]. As communities across the world succumb to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are placed in an exasperating bind between our desire to intervene, to do something in the face of the current health / medical / political / economic / cultural / human rights catastrophe, and the seeming impossibility of doing so amidst a global lockdown that forecloses the very modes of contact upon which many of our abilities to intervene rely. …

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