Interfere: Journal for Critical Thought and Radical Politics Inaugural Issue Violence and Orders


Interfere: Journal for Critical Thought and Radical Politics is an international, open access and peer-reviewed journal run by the post-graduate community of the Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics (CAPPE) in the School of Humanities at University of Brighton. Interfere publishes scholarly articles, interviews, dialogues, political reports and other forms of critical reflection offering a forum to critically analyse the politics of the present. For more information on Interfere, please visit the about page here.

Cover of Interfere: Journal for Critical Thought and Radical Politics

Image design courtesy of Hanna Jujka (Illustration student at University of Brighton)

Current Issue

This inaugural issue, Violence and Orders, constitutes an interrogation of the relationship between those two terms: taking as its task to lay bare the violence that springs from certain prejudices together with the orders authorised by them. The contributions are therefore gestures of resistance: a way to to critique and contest old and new orders.

Scholarly articles come from Paula Bigleri, Jacques Lezra, Daniel de Mendonça and Aisling Walsh. In conversation are Wendy Brown, Judith Butler and Frank B. Wilderson III. And our Intervention piece for this issue is written by Jules Joanne Gleeson.