Co-sponsored events

Rethinking Gastro-Nationalism: Food, Political Environment, and Embodiment

Relations of Water: Colonial Dispossession and Living Otherwise in a World on Fire

Anticolonialism as Theory Symposium

Rithy Panh in Person: Irradiated

Rithy Panh in Person: The Missing Picture

On Becoming a Commodity, or the Making of “Modern History” in Maritime Southeast Asia

From Disobedience to Solidarity: Confronting Authoritarianisms

Fanon’s “Dramaturgy” of Critique: Race, Blackness, and Philosophical Address

Les Ateliers de la Pensée #4: Bond Cosmologies and Forms of Life

A World Beyond the Colonial Epistemology: Writing with Engagement

Rebranding the Human: On Wynter’s Custodial "Poiesis" with Axelle Karera

The Racial Event

Orogenies and Sound Waves: Beyond Black Ecologies of Mastery

Image credit: Tiffany King.

‘Nonpolitical Distinctions’: A Phrase from Marx Revisited with Rei Terada

Escrituras geológicas: Desedimentación y huella en algunas autoras contemporáneas (Geological Writings: De-sedimentation and Trace in Some Contemporary Authors)

NATQ: An Audiovisual Lecture on Impossible Speech

Fall 2020 CRG Distinguished Guest Lecture: Abolition Feminism

ARC Visual Activism Series, Michael Rakowitz

Michael Rakowitz. The invisible enemy should not exist (Lamassu of Nineveh). 2018.

ARC Visual Activism Series, Alfredo Jaar: When the Music Stops

Alfredo Jaar, Logo for America, 1987/2014.