Visiting Scholars

A Critical Phenomenology of Race and Social Reproduction

Civilizing through Food: French Fantasies about Gastronomy and the “Muslim Diet”

Race, Nature, and Naturalization in Film

Jumana Manna, Video still from Wild Relatives, 2018. Photo: Marte Vold. Courtesy the artist.

Archivists, Plumbers, and Foragers

Jumana Manna, Bread Series, 2021. Ceramics, galvanized steel. Courtesy the artist.

"Imported" Feminism and "Indigenous" Queerness: From Backlash to Transphobic Feminism in Transnational Japanese Context

Being Communist, Becoming Other

Anti-Neoliberal Feminism: A Reading from Within Present Struggles

Exploratory Notes on New Fascisms

Dancing in a Posthuman World: Material Bodies and New Alliances

Between the Scholar and the Public Intellectual: The University in the Contemporary African Context

To Be the Owner of My Own Person: Toward a Concept of Freedom as Heteronomy Without Servitude

Presentism: The Politics of Memory in the Age of Neoliberalism