Race, Nature, and Naturalization in Film

Jumana Manna, Video still from Wild Relatives, 2018. Photo: Marte Vold. Courtesy the artist.

Archivists, Plumbers, and Foragers

Jumana Manna, Bread Series, 2021. Ceramics, galvanized steel. Courtesy the artist.

‘Nonpolitical Distinctions’: A Phrase from Marx Revisited with Rei Terada

Escrituras geológicas: Desedimentación y huella en algunas autoras contemporáneas (Geological Writings: De-sedimentation and Trace in Some Contemporary Authors)

NATQ: An Audiovisual Lecture on Impossible Speech

“Gaza is in the Heart”: Dispossession and Struggle in Palestine

Natalie Diaz and Ailton Krenak: On Borderlands

The House as a Laboratory of Capital: Finance, Housing, and Territory

Conversation on Colonial Trauma

Conversation on Doing Justice

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