Conversation on Doing Justice

Feminist International: How to Change Everything

Defeat and the Future

Leandro Katz, still from "El día que me quieras" (1997)

Post-Imperial Oceanics

Conversation on Not One Less: Mourning, Disobedience, and Desire

Fall 2020 CRG Distinguished Guest Lecture: Abolition Feminism

ARC Visual Activism Series, Michael Rakowitz

Michael Rakowitz. The invisible enemy should not exist (Lamassu of Nineveh). 2018.

Colonial Destruction, Past and Present: Plunder, Waste, and Preservation

Jumana Manna, "Mountain", 2018. Collage of cutouts of nature images from cleaning products.

ARC Visual Activism Series, Alfredo Jaar: When the Music Stops

Alfredo Jaar, Logo for America, 1987/2014.

Resolutely Black

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